“Decide” by AMCI Testing is the auto industry’s first 3rd party comparison “campaign in a box”

Better, faster, cheaper – Get all three with “Decide”

LOS ANGELES, JUN 15, 2020 / — Consumers, OEMs and dealers are rapidly adapting in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic with increased digitization, more customized services, faster response times and more information they can really trust. AMCI Testing is answering this call with “Decide”.
For over 35 years AMCI Testing has been the trusted source for Certified 3rd party evaluations. Our extensive testing is the gold standard in the industry. It does however take time that in many cases, OEM’s no longer feel they can afford in this hyper competitive environment. In developing “Decide” we focused on the core, quality elements of our testing and our clients’ need for speed, lower cost and seamless distribution of content. The result is a fully integrated, customized “campaign in a box” that is ready to go live in under three weeks.

A “Decide” program includes:

  • AMCI Testing’s consumer-focused evaluation with Certified competitive advantages
  • High quality video content demonstrating the result of our unbiased testing results
  • Distribution across the widest possible consumer touchpoints: OEM website, Dealer website, Paid Media, Owned Social Media, 3rd Party sites, CRM, PR, Influencer and print

“Online shopping and 3rd party sites are dominating messaging and decision making, it’s hard for the Brand voice to be heard,” says AMCI Testing CEO David Stokols. “If automotive brands want to differentiate themselves, they need to stand out, but they also need credibility to build trust. Today’s environment has clearly shown the market needs AMCI Testing Certified 3rd party evaluations more than ever. “Decide” provides a faster more affordable solution that is right for the times.” Stokols continues, “AMCI Testing provides the industry with compelling, defensible product proof points upon which strong brands can be built. We will continue to innovate with products like “Decide” to help brands tell compelling stories and exceed consumer expectations.”

About AMCI Testing

For over 35 years we have delivered certified, product truths. 250,000 tests on over 4,000 vehicles with over 1,000 certified claims. No certified claim has ever been successfully challenged or modified by any competitor. We help brands compete on facts, credibility and integrity.


In the absence of a national standard, MP6 uses the most reliable, accessible network to date: Tesla Supercharger and its ‘Magic Dock’ adapter.

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Six minutes is the average time it takes to fuel an ICE vehicle. When you are out of charge or time in your EV, charging speed is what counts. Further, “To achieve the environmental promise of EVs there needs to be a greater emphasis on fast charging, not range,” according to AMCI Global CEO, David Stokols.


According to Guy Mangiamele, Director of AMCI Testing, “There needs to be equal emphasis on vehicle range and charging speed. Regardless of range, when on the road, when short of time, or short of range, charging speed is what really matters.”


With EV charging methodology established over a decade, our proprietary protocol begins with 10% state of charge, MP6 is calculated over numerous charging sessions at stations always exceeding the vehicle’s maximum charge rate.


AMCI Testing is an independent automotive research firm, specializing in unbiased, evaluations of automotive products since 1984. The breadth of our testing includes ICE, EVs, Hybrids, FCEV and other powertrains plus every facet of measurement and product category. AMCI Testing Certification is recognized as an industry gold standard.