Public mistrust of messaging during COVID-19 drives growth for AMCI Testing’s Certified 3rd party evaluations

45% growth is proof that consumers insist on trusted, credible sources when in the market for a new vehicle.

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2020 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that in the face of “fake news”, consumers are gravitating toward trusted, credible sources of information. Economic uncertainty is amplifying this need across brands with an even greater impact on high priced items like automobiles. More models are competing for the same consumers across a multitude of platforms and media. There are overwhelming numbers of confusing, convoluted and unsubstantiated product claims. It is no wonder auto buyers are confused and distrustful. To have further control, they have migrated to doing most of their shopping online which has only added to the confusion.

If automotive brands want to differentiate themselves, they need to stand out, but they also need credibility to build trust. OEMs are discovering this, leading to 45% growth in the AMCI Testing business over the last 2 months. Today’s environment has clearly shown the market needs AMCI Testing Certified 3rd party evaluations more than ever.

Over 35 years ago, AMCI Testing was established to provide unbiased, 3rd party claim substantiation in a similarly confusing environment of competing manufacturer claims that needed to be proven to the satisfaction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Since then AMCI Testing has conducted over 250,000 tests of over 4,000 vehicles. AMCI Testing has certified and guaranteed over 1,000 claims that have never been successfully challenged by any entity. OEMs and consumers know and trust AMCI Testing to deliver product truths.

AMCI Testing uncovers meaningful product truths that are relevant and understood by consumers. We identified the incredible smoothness of the Lexus LS400 that lead to the famous “wineglass” demonstration TV commercial. Most recently Porsche turned to us to prove the real-world, as opposed to EPA theoretical range, of the Porsche Taycan BEV. There is no such thing as product parity if you seek and explain product truths. Consumers want truth and AMCI Testing always delivers.

“In this era of great skepticism and uncertainty, it’s never been more critical for OEMs and dealers to keep their focus on consumer needs. That means accepting the most compelling messages may often come from independent, trustworthy 3rd parties,” says veteran automotive executive and advisor, James E. Press.” AMCI Testing has, for over 35 years, been the go-to source of product truths for OEMs, dealers and their consumers.”

AMCI Testing is constantly developing new scientific procedures and tests in emerging technologies like CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified). We can execute over 450 (and counting) different scientific tests to every aspect of an automobile. No challenge is too great or too small for our legendary, talented team.

In summary, David Stokols, CEO of AMCI Testing expressed his lifelong commitment to the principles of AMCI Testing stating,” we are dedicated to providing  the auto industry  with compelling, true and defensible product proof points upon which strong, stable and reliable brands are built.”

About AMCI Testing

For over 35 years we have delivered certified, product truths. 250,000 tests on over 4,000 vehicles with over 1,000 certified claims. No certified claim has ever been successfully challenged or modified by any competitor. We help brands compete on facts, credibility and integrity.  


In the absence of a national standard, MP6 uses the most reliable, accessible network to date: Tesla Supercharger and its ‘Magic Dock’ adapter.

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Six minutes is the average time it takes to fuel an ICE vehicle. When you are out of charge or time in your EV, charging speed is what counts. Further, “To achieve the environmental promise of EVs there needs to be a greater emphasis on fast charging, not range,” according to AMCI Global CEO, David Stokols.


According to Guy Mangiamele, Director of AMCI Testing, “There needs to be equal emphasis on vehicle range and charging speed. Regardless of range, when on the road, when short of time, or short of range, charging speed is what really matters.”


With EV charging methodology established over a decade, our proprietary protocol begins with 10% state of charge, MP6 is calculated over numerous charging sessions at stations always exceeding the vehicle’s maximum charge rate.


AMCI Testing is an independent automotive research firm, specializing in unbiased, evaluations of automotive products since 1984. The breadth of our testing includes ICE, EVs, Hybrids, FCEV and other powertrains plus every facet of measurement and product category. AMCI Testing Certification is recognized as an industry gold standard.